The Dowry Blade

cover concept for an earlier incarnation of The Dowry Blade

cover concept for an earlier incarnation of The Dowry Blade


Trust anyone, even an enemy…
…Trust no one, not even a friend.

Voices rose suddenly and Brede felt the thrum in the earth of approaching horses.  At last, here was Luce come to carry off Ivo’s horses, so that he must follow and be ‘captured’ and taken away as her hand mate.

Laughter erupted in the circle as Ivo leapt to his feet with a whoop, eager to follow his lover and start his captivity.  His next kin and the closest of his band of friends scurried after him, all of them mounted in a few moments, and rode a wide sweep about the fire before heading out into the darkness…

Into darkness and a flurry of arrows.

Ivo’s whooping turned abruptly to a choking anguish.

Horses screamed, men and women shouted, the child-herd’s shrieks took on a horrific tone and the half-light filled with shadows and the sudden flicker of falling death.

Copyright Cherry Potts 2010


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