Learn from me at ONLINE Summer School

Today is National Writing Day, and I’ve spent the morning doing just that – a bit of pandemic set-aside, paused the novel and started something that may be a novlla in flash, maybe.  And because it’s National Writing Day, a good moment to invite you to join me for An Approach to Creative Writing Summer School… on line.

There are many disadvantages to online learning, I won’t pretend otherwise, though I’ve been learning on the job, and the course is a lot more slick than it was when we switched to online with 6 hours notice back in March! The course has been completely rewritten for online delivery.

Advantages are: it saves me an hour plus on the tube each way, and it means you don’t need to be in reach of London to attend.

The course is part of City, University of London, and we use their licence for MS Teams, which once signed up you can download. I don’t recommend trying to do this on a phone, the minimum for being able to see what I’m sharing would be a tablet of some kind.

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This is aimed at people who like to concentrate their learning, but as I am completely out of the habit of talking all day and need a major lie down in between sessions, especially online, the format is now ten weekday afternoons, over a fortnight, so that I get a rest and students get a chance to put their learning into practice and do some writing over the weekend. If evenings are not for you, this is a possible alternative.

2018-05-06 12.53.15

So from Monday 20th July 2-4pm for 10 days you can immerse yourself in everything to do with writing fiction at An Approach to Creative Writing Summer School… on line, booking is open!

The course is limited to 15 people. When I checked this morning there were 9 places left.

We will work mainly on short stories (including flash), exploring inspirations, characters, plots, themes, narrative voice, point of view, dialogue and so on, but with some exploration of how to approach longer work, including planning and structure and looking after yourself. Depending on the interests of the group we will cover writing for performance, and specific genres.  You will get the course tailored to the people who attend, as far as humanly possible, provided you complete the precourse questionnaire!

If you have been thinking about doing a creative writing course, and you like your learning in focussed bursts, this might be right up your alley.