Sky Hunter, Wind Lover

Hraefn takes Heron’s cloak and wraps it around herself pulling it up over her head.  Teal changes out of her blood spattered clothes.  Automatically she threads the white mourning band into her hair.  Hraefn takes time to watch the elaborate knotting that indicates the level of kinship between Teal and the one she mourns.  She makes no comment; there is no point, no time.

Teal turns from her task, and sees Grebe watching her.  She finds herself frozen.  Hraefn glances about, sees the child and exclaims angrily.  Grebe stands rooted to the spot, her mouth slightly open.

“You have not seen us,” Hraefn says urgently.

“I’ve seen no one,” Grebe replies.

“You can’t trust her,” Teal says, “she never knows when to keep silent.”

“This time you will,” Hraefn insists.

Teal shivers, feeling the power of Hraefn’s words, as Grebe flinches away from her.

“I’ve seen no one,” Grebe says once more, “I will say nothing.”

Copyright Cherry Potts 2010

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