Liars’ League

Liars’ League is a very wonderful collection of people in London (and now Leeds, Leicester, New York and Hong Kong)  who organise monthly readings by  actors of new fiction. They have a new theme each month.  The opportunity to listen to your own work read by someone who can really put it across is thrilling.  Listening to Susan Moisan reading Leaving I discovered jokes I didn’t know I’d written!  I’m not sure what the etiquette is for laughing out loud at your own work, but… she did it so well.  You can listen to recordings of the readings or watch videos, and read the stories at the Liars’ websites (links below.)

I’ve had four stories read at Liars’ League, London;

Mirror read by Kevin Potton as part of the Blood & Thunder theme night in October 2009

Listen to MP3 here Oct 09 Mirror.

Leaving read by Susan Moisan as part of the Sex & the City theme night in November 2009. listen to MP3 here Nov 09 Leaving.

The Queen’s Safety as part of the Kings & Queens themed night (read by Greg Page) watch the video here

The Real McCoy for Weird & Wonderful (twice!- see the blog post about this  for 3 videos

Greenlanders for Trains Planes and Automobiles video

Fish Fish for Love and Lust 2019 video

And at Liar’s League Leeds:

A Second-hand Emotion, read (and sung!) by Katy Darby for Rhythm & Blues

and in December 2011 Gone Midnight read by Madeleine Thorne for Peace & Goodwill

listen to MP3 here

Liars’ League Leicester have read The What Else in the Water for Young & Foolish Watch the video here

Liars’ League Hong Kong have read two of my stories

Portrait of the Artist’s Model as a Young Woman for True & False read by Brad Powers and Saffron Chan watch the video


The Wetland Way for Hunter & Prey read by Jeanne Lambin watch the video

Just New York to crack then!

Copyright Cherry Potts 2010-15

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