We Apologise for the Delay

As Ade said,

“Rats is one thing, but those things are above and beyond the call of cleaning.”

And the rest of the cleaning gang had nodded emphatically and taken up positions of heroic resistance.  Health and Safety was invoked, and their manager called the RSPCA to remove the offending brood.

The RSPCA came, looked, and climbed the escalator to call the Zoo.

The Zoo came, examined, and trudged back to street level where, after some hesitation, they called David Attenborough.

David Attenborough came, viewed and leapt up the still static escalator two steps at a time. He put in a call to a friend at the Metropolitan Police, and after some consultation, a further call to Immigration, who refused to believe him, and insisted on calling back in case he was really someone from Dead Ringers playing them a line.

What Mr Attenborough said, once immigration were convinced he really was who he said he was, what he said, and he should know, was:

“These animals, if indeed they are animals, do not originate on this planet.”

Copyright Cherry Potts 2015

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