cover image for Litro magazine

Litro 96 magazine illustration High Summer World of Light copyright Gillian Ayres

Out of Darkness

Gary falls and time speeds up, the dead weight of fourteen stone crashes into the plush upright of the seats behind him, his skull bounces on the edge, silently; I stare open mouthed, and automatically supply the bonk in my mind.  The gun falls from his hand, skitters under the seats.

This started as a writing exercise one evening at WOOA based on a gun fight in a cinema.  Litro were looking for something very short to fill a gap in issue 96 which had a Gangs theme. I had to censor some of the language for the youthful readership, which was, I felt, a bit of a shame.  I hope it will see the light of day in its original foul-mouthed format at some point.

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copyright Cherry Potts 2010-13

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