The Dowry Blade

The Dowry Blade FRONT Cover final

Cover design Lucy Reynolds/Cherry Potts

The Dowry Blade

Cherry Potts

Trust anyone, even your enemies

Trust no one, not even your friends.

Print: 9781909208209
ePub: 9781909208216
Mobi/Kindle: 9781909208223

Format: Royal 234x156mm
Publication date: 25/02/2016

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Nine years after the loss of her sister, and the near obliteration of her clan, Brede, a Plains nomad, is living unwillingly in the marshes. The sudden ending of a decade long drought, brings with it many changes; rumour has it that the rain was bought at the price of a king’s head, and the sword needed for such a sacrifice is missing.

Change comes for Brede with the arrival of Tegan, a wounded mercenary.

Brede’s discovery, first of the Dowry Blade and a stolen horse, and then of Tegan’s history, sets in train a journey to the capital in search of her missing sister and leads to an unexpected role in the Queen’s household, and a powerful lover.

A lesbian fantasy epic of the strength and limitations of love and loyalty: between friends, lovers, kin, strangers– and enemies.