Find out more about my published work here


The Dowry Blade Arachne Press  February 2016 978-1-909208-20-9


Tales Told before Cockcrow, fairytales for adults Onlywomen Press 2008 978-0-906500-96-5

Tales Told Before Cockrow: Fairytales For Adults

Mosaic of Air, Short Stories Onlywomen Press 1992 0-906500-44-3  Mosaic Of Air: Short Stories

and republished, Arachne Press 2013 978-1-909208-03-2     Mosaic of Air


Magazines and Anthologies:

‘The Midwinter Wife’ in Midnight Blues, Latchkey 2015

‘Joining’ Litro on line 2013

‘Is Nothing’ .Cent 2013

‘Mirror’ in Lovers’ Lies Arachne Press 2013   Lovers' Lies: Short Stories

‘We Apologise for the Delay’ e-story available from Cut a Long Story (eventually, when the site is live…)

‘Eye of the Beholder’ in Stories from Another London Volume 3, One  Eye Grey, 2012

‘A Place of Departures’ in Stations Arachne Press 2012         Stations: Short Storied Inspired by the Overground Line

‘Leaving’ in London Lies Arachne Press 2012  London Lies: Urban Tales from Liars' League

‘Out of Darkness’ in Litro magazine July 2010

‘Prairie Rain’ in From the Left Leaf Books 2010 978-1-905599-55-4

‘Mirror’, ‘Leaving’, ‘the Queen’s Safety’, Kassell and The Real McCoy Performed and recorded at Liars’ League London

A Portrait of the Artist’s Model as a Young Woman performed at Liars’ League Hong Kong

The What-else in the Water performed at Liars’ League Leicester

A Second-hand Emotion‘, and ‘Gone Midnight‘ performed and recorded at Liars’ League Leeds.

‘Perfect Pitch’ and ‘Member of the Family’ in Perfect Pitch, ed. J.E. Hardy Onlywomen Press 1991 0-906500-41-9

‘Penelope is no Longer Waiting’ in In and Out of Time, ed. Patricia Duncker Onlywomen Press 1990 0-906500-37-0

Edited by me:

 Stations, London Lies, Lovers’ Lies, Weird Lies (which won the Saboteur2014 Best Anthology Award) and The Other Side of Sleep


Cherry Potts’s books on Goodreads

reviews: 1ratings: 3 (avg rating 4.67)


ratings: 3 (avg rating 3.33)


reviews: 1ratings: 2 (avg rating 4.50)


ratings: 2 (avg rating 4.50)


reviews: 1ratings: 1 (avg rating 5.00)

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