Perfect Pitch

cover image for perfect pitch

Cover for Perfect Pitch illustration copyright Cathy Felstead

Perfect Pitch is an anthology of Lesbian Feminist Fiction, published by Onlywomen Press; currently out of print.

I have two stories in this anthology, the title story Perfect Pitch and Member of the Family.

Perfect Pitch

Just when it seems I can go on no longer, that my concentration must break, or my voice give out, the song ends. The last notes are carried out across the field on the unearthly wind, to settle on my enemies. I tie them in chords of deathly music, as pure as the ring of hammer on anvil.

Perfect Pitch is a swords’n’sorcery fantasy where everything goes wrong, but despite that love survives. It has become over a period of fifteen years a very much more substantial epic of more than 120,000 words, The Dowry Blade, which is currentlylooking for a publisher…

Member of the Family

“Ruby darling, you’re causing a terrible blockage on the stairs,” calls Angela in one of her anxious ‘don’t be so obvious ‘ voices, terribly bright and cheerful, threatening terrible things later.

Member of the Family was born out of several unconnected visits to  historic properties where in some cases famous writers had lived, and a memorable tea shop in Alfriston, Sussex.  It’s mainly about jealousy.

copyright Cherry Potts 2010

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