The What Else In The Water

This story received a special commendation in the Ifanca Helene James Short Story Competition 2011

Eleni slid her backside to the edge of the parapet and braced her feet to push off.

“Koita kato,” [1]she yelled, language skills deserting her in the heat of the moment.  She pushed with her feet, let go and hurtled into the water.  She surfaced with a surprised shriek and laughed, then found she had to fight the current more than she had anticipated.  The water was deep, and weedy too, she felt slimy tendrils catch on her toes and wrists as she pushed against the weight of the water, frantically wondering about weirs and millraces. At last her fingers grazed the stonework.  She struggled to find breath.

“You have to let go,” she yelled.

Jack turned his head slightly, squinting at her.

“And then what?”

She felt the current dragging and had to agree, then what was quite an issue.  She reached up and grabbed his ice-cold ankle.

“I hold you, you relax.”

Jack stared at her.

“My mermaid,” he said, over a half laugh of fear;  “hold tight,” he warned.

Copyright Cherry Potts 2010

[1]κοιτα κατω  means watch out below

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