In and Out of Time

cover image for In and Out of Time

Cover image for In and Out Of Time. Illustration copyright Geraldine Walsh

In and Out of Time is an Anthology of Lesbian Feminist fiction published by Onlywomen Press. Currently out of print.  It contains my first published story.

Penelope is no Longer Waiting

Penelope is no longer waiting. Her husband has been gone nearly ten years. Silently she agrees with the suitors who say he must surely be dead, secretly she hopes it is true, but knows that if anyone can take ten years coming home, if anyone can survive all the pitfalls of the anger of the goddess he has roused, he can.

Based on the Odyssey, and the classic original of the ‘good wife’.  Penelope waits through ten years of war and ten years more for her husband.  I found myself thinking really? Twenty years for the husband of an arranged marriage? Really?

copyright Cherry Potts 2010

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