Writing Workshops

My love of writing is such that I want to share the process as well as the output.

I am doing this by combining writing (my first love) with Neurolinguistic Programming and training, into something I thoroughly enjoy, and that you might too! (For NLP people, you could say writing is heart, NLP is gut and training is head… wondering what I’m on about? Workshops willl tell you.)

Suitable for adults and young adults; beginners, experimenters and experienced writers, I have a selection of workshops that cut across artistic disciplines to explore in depth the language and inspiration that we take from all our senses; helping writers to convincingly evoke cultures and characters, atmospheres and action.

These 2-3 hour workshops can be intimate affairs for 6 or barnstorming events for 20.  I am approaching venues with an interesting atmosphere to run a whole series, and venues with a link to a particular sense for one-off workshops (cafés, gardens, music venues, art galleries, steam train lines..!).  If you run a venue, and would like to book a workshop, or you are an artist, musician, dancer… and would like to collaborate, please contact me!

Although mainly aimed at fiction writers, these workshops are appropriate for poets and (auto)biographers, travel writers, copywriters…

Writing can be a lonely business, these workshops get writers together to explore ways of externalising our internal lives and communicating our thoughts to others.

Oh… and it’s fun.

The Workshops are:

Writing With Your Ears Inspiration, language, character and plot from sound, in particular music (best run in collaboration with live musicians, but available without) see feedback from the January 2012 workshop

Writing With Your Ears – Myth and Music Blackheath Halls 24 June 2012

Sugar and Spice Character language and atmosphere from scent and taste 29/3/2012 Streatham food festival

Sight Lines, character, ambience, language from visual art and observation

Motion and Emotion getting to grips with action, movement, feelings through touch and movement

Head, Heart and Gut Character, motivation, culture: do you/your characters/the culture you are writing about tend to do all their thinking with their head, or do they sometimes rely on gut instinct, or follow their hearts?

Walk Two Moons (in someone else’s shoes).  Inhabiting characters to discover traits and motivation.

These workshops can be combined into a day or weekend of workshops, or a series of evening classes. Garden of Metaphors at Sussex Prairies July 2012

I am devising new workshops all the time, check back for new options.

© Cherry Potts 2012

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