The Historical Birthday-Tea Party 4th February

Fourth February and another no show. So off we go back into the seventeenth century nd meet Mary Davys, 1674-1732.

Irish/English playwright and novelist, when it was still pretty hard for a woman to get taken seriously. Here is a collection of delicious quotes:

Is there such  a thing as Justice in Man?
No Faith in their Oaths and Vows.

1724 The Reformed Coquet, or the Memoirs of Amoranda

If you have deceiv’d me as a friend, I have little reason to trust you as a lover.

Familiar Letters Betwixt a Gentleman and a Lady 1725 – to Artander Jan 3

My personal favourite:

… love like Edg’d Tools shou’d never be play’d with.

To A. Jan. 12

When Women write, the Criticks, now-a-days,
Are ready, e’er they see, to damn their plays;
Wit as the Men’s Prerogative they claim,
And with one voice, the bold Invader blame.

Prologue – the Self-Rival, A Comedy 1725

And let them consider, that a woman left to her own endeavours for twenty-seven years together, may well be allowed to catch at any opportunity for that Bread, which they that condemn her would probably deny to give her.

Preface, Works Volume 1 1725

I never was so vain as to think they (the plays) deserv’d a place in the first Rank, or so humble, as to resign them to the last.


A Husband! The very Name makes me almost tremble!
and I have once more given it under my hand that Marriage shall never spoil my friendship for Berina. When it does, I may cease to be.