The Actual Historic Wedding-Tea Party March 29th 2014

A slight side-step here. It is now legal for same-sex couples to get married… but no one I know got married today, because, like us, all our friends are in civil partnerships (or they are not planning to get hitched in any shape or form). So I was feeling a bit grumpy about the government’s administrative cock-up that means that those of us in Civil Partnerships STILL can’t get married yet – not that we plan anything more than dramatic the most basic bureaucratic upgrade, but it’s the principle of the thing – everyone saying

lookee, you’re all equal now,

and I’m saying

not. quite. yet.

So we decided that grump notwithstanding we should celebrate, so we went along to witness Sandi & Debbie Toksvig renew their vows (yes they weren’t getting married either, same issue) at London’s Living Room, RFH South Bank.

What a lovely event: loads of singing, laughter, tears – from everyone – champagne in the bar later.

Thanks for sharing your moment Sandi and Debbie, you cheered me up, and I’m feeling less like just doing something bureaucratic when it’s our turn. Singing friends, you are on notice…

I didn’t take any pictures (too far back, it was their event etc. etc.), apart from this one…

The Man Who Caught Sandi Toksvig's Bouquet

The Man Who Caught Sandi Toksvig’s Bouquet

Chorus Festival – South Bank

vocal chords at chorusHere are is a video clip and a photo of Vocal Chords doing their thing at the festival,- we were by the Mandela statue on Sunday at 1.

We also sang in the opening event.







A and I went to two workshops – Sea Shanties on Saturday , and on Sunday Rounds & Catches with the magnificent Mary King.

The festival continues today with a last chance to catch Ms King as this is the last event she is involved in at the South Bank. Mary will be much missed!


This weekend I’m singing. OK I know, I sing all the time, but this is in public, and at the South Bank Centre. The magnificent Chorus festival, a fixture for several years now over the May Bank Holiday, is on from Saturday to Monday, with warm-ups, rehearsals, workshops and performances.

chorusYOU can join in! Download the sheet music for the three songs for the opening session, come along to a rehearsal on Saturday at 11 or 12, and sing your head off at 1pm.

This is also your last opportunity to work with the glorious Mary King at the South Bank because she’s leaving!!!! She’s leading some warm ups and a workshop of Elizabethan catches (I love a good catch). So come along and take the opportunity to say goodbye.

There are performances throughout the day and you can catch us, in our new guise of Vocal Chords, on the Mandela Stage, Festival Terrace, at 1pm on Sunday. Our friends Trade Winds are also performing, on Saturday, at 2:30, same place.