On the Side of the Angels part 6: Pintoricchio

Another in a series of observations of early medieval paintings in the National Gallery London, an endless source of inspiration and amusement. Intended to show how I find stories in a painting, not my opinion of the subject matter nor its creator. Nothing replaces seeing the real thing!

Saint Catherine of Alexandria with a Donor 1480-1500, Pintoricchio  1454-1513

Her wheel is broken.

She rests the upright sword easily by its pommel on the rim, her hair is slightly disordered, as though she’s just got out of bed – despite the crown.

She doesn’t look impressed with the fat friar, who might be a Borgia. She tucks the border of the robe, and the book, into the crook of her arm, getting ready for something.

He is smirking, embarrassed into a fit of giggles – perhaps he has just farted.

© Cherry Potts 2013