A busy February: LGBT History Month and a whole lot of Love

February is a busy month for me, readings, publications, A’s birthday…

Just published

my story Neutral Ground is just published in 52 :Loves – a story for every week of the year, all about Love, but not necessarily how you’d think. Kindle only at the moment but you never know.

cover _for_52 loves

On Thursday 5th at 7:45 in my capacity as publisher, I’m ‘compering’ a reading of Devilskein & Dearlove by Alex Smith at Lewisham Library 199 Lewisham High Street SE13 6LG more details over on the Arachne Press Website.

On February 23rd, my story The Wetland Way will be read at Liars’ League Hong Kong (without me, it’s too far to go!)

LGBT History Month

Thursday 12th I’m at North Kensington Library, 108 Ladbroke Grove, W11 1PZ

6-7:30 pm

with VA Fearon where we will each be reading from our books, and interviewing each other about coming out as writers…

Shouting about Lesbian Literature – coming out as a lesbian writer.

Cherry Potts first collection of lesbian short stories, Mosaic of Air was published over 20 years ago, and she now owns her own independent publishing house, Arachne Press.

V. A.  Fearon’s first self-published crime thriller, The Girl with the Treasure Chest came out last year.

What has changed for the Lesbian author in the interim? What has the recent surge of self and indie publishing done for lesbian literature (and what is it anyway)?

Two personal approaches, with readings.

Thursday  26th I’m at Richmond Lending Library, Little Green, Richmond, TW9 1QL at 7pm doing readings and talking about writing and publishing.

Join writer and publisher Cherry Potts for an evening of readings and informal discussion of Lesbian & Gay writing with a whirl through anything from myth, to science fiction. Cherry will read from her own work and others published by her award-winning publishing house, Arachne Press.

LGBTHM – Cafe of Good Hope

This event was very cosy – last public reading for LGBT History Month, and local, and with friends. I think we pulled out all the stops.

Sadly Rebecca Idris had been sent to the Ukraine by her employers (what had she done to deserve that?) so was not able to join us, so we each read more than we would otherwise have done.

Here are the results.

Cath Blackfeather CoGHCatherine Blackfeather reading from her novel Mitchie, about a young woman cross-dressing to survive the western frontier of nineteenth century Canada.

Me reading from Leaving (London Lies) a story set in a pub just down the road from where we were reading.

V A Fearon C0GHV A Fearon reading two sections from her novel The Girl with the Treasure Chest about gang negotiator, Dani.

Back to Cath for a section of her latest (still looking for a publisher). I don’t think she gave us a title, so I’ve called it For the Boys for now: Gareth has an assignment…

And finally me again, with a section of A Second-hand Emotion – in which preparations for a big date are in full swing.

We all really enjoyed the event, thanks to Richard Shaw (Hither Green Hall) for organising and Bobby Mizen (Cafe of Good Hope) for hosting, and thanks for the audience for coming along, laughing in the right places, and contributing to the collection for Gay Switchboard.

By the way, at other events this month we’ve been collecting for Stonewall, and raised £35.22

Lewisham Library LGBT Lesbian takeover

We had a great night at Lewisham Library on Thursday. A substantial crowd, a relaxed atmosphere and some great writers. The first of  many events for LGBT History Month, it was a diverse and entertaining evening.

V.A Fearon read from her novel The Girl With the Treasure Chest, about gang negotiator Dani, and her first meeting with lover Marie;

Kate Foley read us some varied poems from several collections covering everything from bedroom tax to first smoochy dance at the Gateways*

Cherry Potts stuck up for Helen of Troy in her story Behind the Mask, from Mosaic of Air

and V.G. Lee‘s heroine struggled to be a proper card-carrying lesbian in the teeth of straight friend Deirdre’s best attempts to scupper her.

*Anyone under the age of thirty may be mystified by the Gateways. If you want to know more, come along to The Story Sessions on 19th February and listen to Clare Summerskill.

Lewisham Library taken over by Lesbians…

Here are some photos from Thursday’s LGBT History Month event at Lewisham Library, featuring me, Kate Foley, V.A. Fearon and V.G. Lee.

V G Lee copyright Cherry Potts 2014

V G Lee copyright Cherry Potts 2014

V G Lee copyright Cherry Potts

V G Lee copyright Cherry Potts

I really wanted to photograph the lovely audience too, but had too many other things on my mind. But imagine a library stuffed full of women, plus a couple of men, and a baby.

Kate Foley copyright Cherry Potts 2014

Kate Foley copyright Cherry Potts 2014

Kate Foley copyright Cherry Potts 2014

Kate Foley copyright Cherry Potts 2014

I was really, really pleased with the atmosphere and my fellow readers did us proud – video will go up as soon as I’ve edited it.

V A Fearon Copyright Cherry Potts 2014

V A Fearon Copyright Cherry Potts 2014

LGBT History event Lewisham Library TONIGHT

Thrilled to be doing so many readings for LGBT History month – you must have noticed I’m keen on history?

The first one is tonight, at Lewisham Library 199-201 Lewisham High Street, SE13 6LG 7.45 for 8.

Kate Foley (Poet) has arrived from the Netherlands and is even now upstairs practising, after an entertaining evening yesterday discussing what she was going to read and what qualified as ‘Lesbian Poetry’.

V.G. Lee and V.A. Fearon are joining us for a wide range of stories, covering london gangs, (VA) reworked myth (me), and who knows what VG has planned, but it’ll be funny. Come and join us, it’s free, and there are plenty of tickets left (I don’t think tickets are essential, just so that the library know how many chairs to put out.)

LGBT History Month events

LGBT History month is keeping me busy this year. As well as Lewisham Library, I am also involved in events all over London, mainly reading from Mosaic of Air, but also from new work.

The Story Sessions, Queer Tales, 19th February 7.45 at the Ivy House SE15 3BE – Me, Cath Blackfeather, Anny Knight, Rebecca Idris and Clare Summerskill (Voluntary contributions welcomed)

North Kensington Library 108 Ladbroke Grove, North Kensington, W11 1PZ
(11th February 18:30) is me on my own, reading from Mosaic of Air and some newer work, and discussing how things have changed since MoA was first published. Free. See the videos

Walthamstow Library, High Street Walthamstow, E17 7JN 12th February 19:00 is me and actor Sarah Feathers, reading from Mosaic of Air and from Lovers’ Lies in an event called Holding a Mirror up to the 80’s, Lesbian Short Stories now and then, so more historical observation! This is a ticketed event but still free.

LGBT history month: in company with Alix Adams, local author Cherry Potts reads from her short story collection Mosaic of Air, grief, old age, spiders and song, all from a lesbian perspective. Free. 7pm Friday 21st February Crofton Park Library 375 Brockley Rd, London SE4 2AG.

Literary-2014-A6A late addition: Wednesday 26th February, at Cafe of Good Hope,
Hither Green Lane SE13 6RT. Wednesday 23rd February. 7pm. Tickets £3
Cherry Potts, Rebecca Idris, V.A. Fearon, Catherine Blackfeather.

LGBT History Month is coming up: part 1

New cover for Arachne Press version of mosaic - image copyright Melina Traub

Mosaic of Air – image copyright Melina Traub

You may have realised from the last couple of posts, that I’m a bit of a history gal.  So of course I am taking part in a few events over February.

First out of the traps:

Lewisham Library 199-201 Lewisham High Street, SE13 6LG (see the videos)

6th February 7.45  for 8, until 9.30

free, but ticketed. 40 tickets available so probably wise to book.

Lewisham 6-2-14 posterI will be reading from Mosaic of Air (It’s twenty years since it was first published, it qualifies as history – actually that’s a bit alarming – there are quite a few historical stories in it, and what are now period pieces but were contemporary at the time! ).

I will be joined by poet Kate Foley,

Kate Foley  VG Lee-2

humorist  V.G. Lee and debut novelist V.A. Fearon.

V A Fearongirl with treasure chest

one window north - foley

(Incidentally, should you be keen enough to want to come to all the events I’m involved in over February, I shall be making an As You Step Outside front interimeffort to read something different each time, and the focus will vary too.)