Wintermiddle Santa rally

Merry Wintermiddle

Wintermiddle is, as far as I know, an invention of Michael Rosen.  His alternative to Father Christmas is Aunty Wintermiddle, a cheerful rainbow-wearing bringer of good times and merriment.  When I was going through my ‘its all a patriarchal construct’ phase, I found Aunty very comforting.  These days I’ll go with any celebration on offer regardless of its antecedents, but Wintermiddle, and mid winter and Yule retain a special place (or is that time?) in my affections.

Its all about surviving the darkness, and some of my favourite carols are about this too.  I like a good wassail, but the best songs are turn-of-year songs, by the likes of  John Kirkpatrick who has written and or recorded several seasonal songs that hit the spot.  We usually have his Wassail! CD on when we decorate the tree.

On the shortest day of the year, complete with lunar eclipse, it is no surprise that we want to fill the house with light, set fire to  the yule-log, snuggle down with a mug of mulled wine and think about our friends.

So Merry Wintermiddle!

copyright Cherry Potts 2010

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