The Blackheath Onegin: Backstage at a Community Opera

Coming Soon

(Late August probably)

The Altos 'complaining' copyright Cherry Potts 2011

The Blackheath Onegin

Backstage at a Community Opera

By Cherry Potts

80 pages of comment and photographs


All profits will go to next year’s Blackheath Halls Opera

If you pre-order, we hope to have enough orders to get a bulk discount, which means that, provided you are prepared to pick up your copy(ies) from the Halls, you won’t need to pay postage, and the halls will make a better profit.

to reserve your copy

please make your cheque payable to Cherry Potts

and send it with your contact details to

PO box 57885 London SE23 9BD

3 thoughts on “The Blackheath Onegin: Backstage at a Community Opera

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