Eugene Onegin – second night – Wednesday 13th July 2011

And we have our first review!!!

Also Tony Stewart our photographer has blogged about the process of photographing the opera, and said some very nice things about us.

I’ve been reading the programme, conveniently left behind by our guests, and I am amazed at the first degrees, and indeed first careers our principals and soloists have achieved before taking up singing.  Philosophy, commerce, languages, law and electrical engineering.  As someone who came late to singing, it cheers me enormously that all these talented people didn’t go straight into music, and here they are.

Birthday boy Simon copyright Cherry Potts 2011

It was Simon Dyer’s 21st Birthday, so he was suitably serenaded, and I photographed Henriette in each of her outfits, because her friend in Australia refuses to believe she has ever worn a ball gown.

Jonathon has had his hair cut… I’m impressed by his committment.

Anyway, on with the show.

We were wonderful, darlings.  The children behaved beautifully, we got our cues right and were vigorous, we let the orchestra take their bow, and the audience were enthusiastic. If it wasn’t a full house it was VERY close to it.

Noticeably higher morale afterwards than yesterday, with a lot more people hanging around for a drink, and enquiries whether there would be a singalong round the piano on Friday night, as there often is.  Rose says if we bring the music she’ll play it, so you know what to do folks.  I met Kate Valentine’s mum, who has been reading the blog, and passing snippets to Kate (who isn’t reading it), so hello, Kate’s Mum!

We decided our dress shirts were getting a bit crumpled …and smelly, frankly… it’s not really the weather for woollen jackets, so we’ve brought them home to wash and iron, so had better remember to bring them back, no?  Unfortunately what it is the weather for is midges, and while standing out in the alleyway waiting for our Act II entrance I have been bitten all down one side of my face, most attractive.

Copyright Cherry Potts 2011

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