Eugene Onegin Gallery – The Chorus Act II

We have another review! 

And some comments from participants:

My only regret about playing the cello in Eugene Onegin was that it was impossible to watch any of it at the same time! I tried once, during the third performance, and very nearly lost my place. I suppose it was a case of not being able to make the cake AND eat it, but it was so wonderful to be one of the ingredients!

Meg Dinkeldein (Cello)

The party always ends but I go away each year with the best party bag ever: an opera that I now know, understand and love in a way that would never have been possible without this fantastic project.

Laura Sparkes, Chorus.

That young guy who was beside himself with joy and excitement at the Tuesday and Friday curtain calls summed up perfectly what a valuable undertaking this is and how it brings out the best from individuals and from the group in a difficult and cynical world. Seeing him should have made the production and direction team proud.

Peter (orchestra)

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