Eugene Onegin – the Chorus – Act III and miscellaneous

More comments from the Audience:

We came specially from Amsterdam (where we often go to the opera), to watch that electric first performance – it was well worth the trip. The professionals were excellent, both in their singing and their acting. The orchestra flung their hearts into the music and the chorus, surging in from the wings to fill that space which so well fitted the action, with wholly convincing ‘business’ and great singing, were terrific. Somebody, too, had been working very hard to fill the seats and as you’ll know, an attentive audience adds much to any performance. Amateur? You could have fooled us!
Kate Foley and Tonnie Bakkenist.
PS. I was tickled pink to see my old C&A jacket on stage, masquerading as a tux. Does this mean when I get it back I’ll be able to sing?
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