Eugene Onegin – Gallery – Soloists

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Splendidly resonant Act III aria from bass Andrew Greenan.

Gremin’s knock-out aria ‘The Gift of Love is Rightly Treasured’, sung with heartfelt ardour by Andrew Greenan

Andrew Greenan is luxury casting as Gremin and Harriet Williams’ youthful Larina and Linda Hibberd’s sympathetic Filipyevna lend equally strong support.  Students Katie Slater (Olga), Panos Ntourntoufis (Triquet), Simon Dyer (Zaretsky), Simon Marsh (Steward) and David William-Matthews (Captain) show bags of promise.

Harriet Williams looked far too young to be Larina, mother of Tatyana and Olga, but she provided a nice double act with Linda Hibberd’s Filipyevna. Katie Slater, as a rich-toned Olga, led a number of Trinity Laban vocal students, which also included a finely-studied Triquet from Panos Ntourntoufis.

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