Writing With Your Ears

Booking has opened for my first ever writing workshop!

Blackheath Halls

23 Lee Road
London SE3 9RQ

29 January 2012 3 to 5.30pm
Join me for a taster session on writing (particularly fiction) using all your senses, with an emphasis on hearing.

Write to a background of the Blackheath Orchestra rehearsal of Mendelssohn’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream incidental music and Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No. 5.

Mendelssohn was inspired by Shakespeare, how will Mendelssohn and Tchaikovsky inspire you?

Everyone welcome, bring a laptop with enough battery, or a big pad of paper and lots of pens and plan to have fun!

Workshop fee: £10  advance booking via Blackheath Halls essential +44 (0)20 8463 0100

I’m planning for this to be part of a series of workshops exploring the influence of each of the senses in turn: what do we notice, what do we edit out without realising, how does that influence what we write about, how does it impact our choice of language?  Although I approach this from a fiction perspective, I anticipate the workshop will be as much fun and  just as useful  for poets or those writing creative non fiction – memoir, website copy…

As with Writing with Your Ears, I hope to hold at least some of the workshops in appropriate venues: so taste (A Taste for Words) in a restaurant ( or a chocolate shop… though that might be too distracting);

A Garden Full Of Metaphor: The Next Workshop is Booked! Copyright Cherry Potts 2012

smell (Sniffing out the Story) in a garden (I hope to be running this at Sussex Prairies, Henfield, West Sussex, date yet to be confirmed, but also looking for London Gardens); sight (Sight Lines) in an art gallery, and so on. It gets more difficult with touch (A Feel for Language)  – what do I mean by feeling, does it include  emotion and motion? Yes, but they’re different…  I’d love to use a steam train for motion.

CP on a steam train... seat 13,... hmmm... copyright Alix Adams 2011

I also hope to run the workshops as a series in my local community libraries in Lewisham, in small museums, and anywhere else that’s interested, the quirkier the better!

If you know of a venue who would like to host, please get in touch.

If you’d like to be on a mailing list for when these plans firm up please contact me

Copyright Cherry Potts 2011

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