Musical from scratch

This is definitely an experiment: A and I at Blackheath Halls with quite a crowd of Blackheath Chorus, Gospellers and Find Your Voice-ers with Lee Reynolds directing, for a seven-week make-a-musical… there will be an invitation only performance in week seven.

The plan is that we come up with a musical from scratch: we aren’t writing the music, but we are choosing the story line and, we hope, the songs, which will be culled from other sources.

We started with  the basic theme of ‘a difficult decision’, and learning Under Pressure (lots of mouth music very few words, good choice!). With this basic framework we split into teams and came up with scenarios and the songs we thought appropriate.

Options arrived at:

Into Africa: banker meets friend wonders what became of good intentions and decides to jack it all in and go and do something worthwhile in Africa.  (songs – Money Money Money, Hatuna Matata)

Blackheath Blues: an ensemble piece with stressed commuters on the station, different individuals get to sing their problems. (Songs, seasons of love)

Riot: youth tempted to join the riots. (Songs: London’s Burning, should I stay or should I go… money (that’s what I want))

Roll of the Dice: Politician with gambling habit in casino – each roll of the dice leads to a new dilemma or life choice (fantasy scenes…), ultimately decides to give up gambling – but presumably not politics! (songs: Money Money Money, Luck be a Lady…)

Marriage Dilemma: woman has to choose between safe man her mum approves of, or handsome stranger… (Songs: Marry the man today)

New Job New World: woman desperate for work is offered dream job in the USA but partner doesn’t want to come… (Songs: New York New York, I can cook too, another suitcase another hall…)

I’m fairly sure Money Money Money is going to get an airing regardless of the theme chosen.

We had a lot of fun getting to this point, my group had worked out costumes and props as well as a reprise and mashup section, very sophisticated!

Blind voting, we chose Blackheath Blues, and immediately started being commuters.  I decided I was not on my way to work, but heading for a plane, for which I was getting increasingly late.  Not quite decided whether I’m a Blackheathen on my way on holiday or someone who’s been staying with relatives and is now heading off home to … hmm…  Orkney looks attractive, and probably is at least as difficult and time consuming to get to as some longish haul flights.

Jonathon was having fun being a manic cleaner, racing through the throng pushing what was clearly one of those very wide brooms. Not sure how we will move this scene on, nor where the difficult decision comes in.  Maybe the train has been hijacked, or someone could have a heart attack.  Under Pressure…

© Cherry Potts 2012

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