Blackheath Cendrillon: Princesses’ Hour

Rachael and Natasha

Cheerful princesses copyright Cherry Potts 2012

A Guest blog here from L.C. Spinetti, roving reporter for REALly?! magazine, part of the REALly?! Empire which includes everyone’s favourite REALity show At Home With the Haltieres™, (the first installment of the fifth season is aired on July 17th at a special showing at Blackheath Halls.  You can book your tickets here.)

Last night the rehearsal for the King’s big cocktail party to give his son, the Prince, a chance to view the fairest in the Kingdom took place.  Of course I was there to cover Madame de la Haltiere and her daughters Noémie and Dorothy on behalf of REALly?! and I didn’t actually have a press pass, so I snuck in with Hermione Fancott REALly?! Radio! reporter on Princesses’ Hour, No one seemed to be surprised that a Radio programme needed a photographer.

I have to be honest, I hardly noticed the Haltieres, although they are quite hard to ignore. There were princesses everywhere.

Prince getting alarmed copyright Cherry Potts 2012

Of course, the unfortunate arrest of Henry Fortescue-Smythe Junior, heir to the F-R-Vessent Ginger Beer fortune, and most eligible bachelor in the Kingdom, did rather focus attention on the prince, as the second most eligible bachelor.

It has to be said the ladies were coming on a bit strong.  It was only a rehearsal, after all.  There was something of the feel of the catwalk to the proceedings and the Prince was looking very uncomfortable with the attention.

Over-eager princess copyright Cherry Potts 2012

Princess being ejected copyright Cherry Potts 2012

Princess being restrained by the Prime Minister copyright Cherry Potts 2012

Of Course it isn’t given to everyone to catch the eye of a prince, and there were many ladies who were disappointed, to say nothing of one or two who had to be actively restrained!

Cinderella makes her appearance at the ball copyright Cherry Potts 2012

But who was that stranger? I couldn’t find her in Debrett, but the Prince couldn’t take his eyes off her… are wedding bells in the air?

© Cherry Potts 2012

Sadly this blog is a work of fiction and none of the characters depicted in it should be taken to represent any real person or company living or dead.  They spring from the fertile imaginations of Mssrs Perrault and Massenet as channeled by Harry Fehr with  a bit of help from Cherry Potts and other members of the cast of Cinderella.

The Blackheath Community Opera production of Massenet’s Cinderella is at Blackheath Halls London SE3 for 4 performances only. Book NOW!

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