Blackheath Cendrillon: At Home with the Haltieres

The Haltieres arrive at the cocktail party copyright Cherry Potts 2012

OMG! Have I got a Scoopydoop of a Scoop!  Madame de la Haltiere is going to be sued! Sorry forgot to say, L.C. Spinetti here.  Have a listen to this sound file, where Harriet Lime, director of Season 5 of At Home with the Haltieres reveals what it is really like behind the scenes at the hit reality show from REALly?! TV.

harriet lime phone call

Sadly none of the people or incidents in this blog are real,  Today’s blog features Harriet Lime, a character created by Alix Adams, based on the original character created by Harry Fehr for the Blackheath Community Opera Cinderella. Tickets are still available for Tuesday and Wednesday, but Sunday has sold out.

© Cherry Potts 2012

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