Spooky rehearsals

Chris Rolls (director) and Oliver Townsend (designer) have really gone for the supernatural and psychological in our production of Verdi’s Macbeth – lots of ghosts, spooks and blood.

masters of the earth2An Act III cameo role for 5 children as the Masters of the Earth warning Macbeth against MacDuff and setting im up with the Birnham Wood nonsense. this is followed by the legion of Banquo’s descendent kings flitting ominously across stage staring out at Macbeth (Quentin Hayes) in contempt, who collapses in horror.

king3  king 1king 5 king2

macbeth3macbeth 2

Our witches are looking suitably evil even before they get into their costumes and wigs (I think that might be a first for BHHCO, massed wigs, quite alarming coming across them spread all over the floor of the recital room).

witches4 witches 6 witches 2 witches 1

The interestingly ghostly effect in these photos is due to using a phone camera – in the low light it couldn’t cope with focusing. I quite like it!

© Cherry Potts ( Soldier, Assassin, Courtier, Refugee, Spear carrier etc, etc.) 2013

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