The performing bug

It’s the last performance of Macbeth on Sunday and from previous experience I know we will have withdrawal symptoms.  I think it was after Elixir of Love that we bumped into fellow chorus members at the Maritime Museum and practical had a keening session on the subject of how bereft we felt.

Years ago I was asked for my most unreachable ambition.  I said I wanted to sing on stage. I remember saying not a solo at the Met,  just in a chorus in something amazing. Well, thanks to Blackheath Halls community singing programme, I’ve done that many times now. The very first was the South African Township choir Mbuwala and that, and the community operas led to taking part in Re:Wind a very challenging piece which we sang at the Royal Festival Hall – that definitely met my criteria!

So we are already pencilling in the next project Elijah? Othello? In the meantime we are singing next Saturday (20th July) with Vocal Chords at St Saviour’s Church in Honor Oak in Love Songs to the Planet. 2pm-5pm. After that not sure, but lots of readings to keep me performing including the Towersey Festival.

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