Towersey Tales – and video

We had such a lot of fun at Towersey, courtesy of Spread the Word, and a wide variety of venues were performed at. Audience for readings between 30 and 100, participants for workshops around 30, and some of them came back and did the workshop again!

Here are some snippets of video of me performing on the Friday in the Ceilidh tent (reading, before you imagine me prancing about the dance floor) though I was tempted – excellent bands.

And here are some photos of us all doing our thing. All copyright me, apart from the one of me, which is copyright Debs Newbold.

debs sunday

Debs story telling – the disappearing pub

debs saturday

Debs Newbold outwitting death

debs sat am

Debs Newbold all around the Wrekin

debs being taught to tweet

debs being taught to tweet

david friday

David McGrath reading various tales of Rickshaw driving

david saturday 2

david sunday

esther sunday

Esther Poyer reading poems about fruit cake and homesickness, and growing up in South London

esther saturday

esther friday

paul saturday

Paul Sherreard reading poems about pencils and romans…

paul sunday

Me reading about 17th century folk songs made flesh, with all the incest and murder definitely left in. I think the audience were a bit shocked…

so something for everyone really.

Tom Banks

and finally Tom Banks reading from the Great Galloon, in which a balloon/galleon plies the open sky…

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