The Historical Birthday-Tea Party 20th February

Here we go: A Woman of Mystery…don’t know when her birthday was, don’t know who she is, beyond she wrote a book Either is Love which explores the life of a woman who first has a lesbian relationship and then a heterosexual one. Published in 1937. I have a vague recollection of having read this book, but remember next to nothing about it – but I recorded a quote!

A so-called Lesbian alliance can be of the most rarefied purity, and those who do not believe it are merely judging in ignorance of the facts.

…oh, sorry, who am I on about?

Elisabeth Craigin.

Some speculation as to possible pseudonym, but for whom??

So feel free to do some research, or make something up! A Scottish surname, so perhaps a whisky or three would get her to enlighten us as to who she really is – she’s not on any UK census…