The Historical Birthday-Tea Party 20th February

Here we go: A Woman of Mystery…don’t know when her birthday was, don’t know who she is, beyond she wrote a book Either is Love which explores the life of a woman who first has a lesbian relationship and then a heterosexual one. Published in 1937. I have a vague recollection of having read this book, but remember next to nothing about it – but I recorded a quote!

A so-called Lesbian alliance can be of the most rarefied purity, and those who do not believe it are merely judging in ignorance of the facts.

…oh, sorry, who am I on about?

Elisabeth Craigin.

Some speculation as to possible pseudonym, but for whom??

So feel free to do some research, or make something up! A Scottish surname, so perhaps a whisky or three would get her to enlighten us as to who she really is – she’s not on any UK census…


Author: Cherry Potts

Cherry Potts is a published fiction writer, publisher, event organiser, photographer, cardmaker, NLP master practitioner, life coach and trainer. She is an enthusiastic singer. Through Arachne Press she publishes fiction and non fiction and runs spoken word events and cross-arts workshops for writers at interesting venues. Always interested in new opportunites to perform, write or explore writing.

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