International Women’s Day Women on the Move reading

On 8th March Arachne Press held an International Women’s Day of readings from female authors and poets, surrounded by the  Tatty Divine exhibition at the Stephen Lawrence Gallery. Many thanks to Greenwich University Galleries for hosting.

Here I am reading my short story from Departures, Cloud Island.

The Historical Birthday-Tea Party March 8th

International Women’s Day, and I have three birthday girls to choose from. So I’m going with the oldest, and we can catch up with the others later.

Anne Bonny, 8 March 1702 – 22 April 1782 born in Ireland, emigrated to America at a young age, where her father did very well for himself. Anne was a tear away, hotheaded, handy with a knife and married a small-time pirate. her father disowned her, and she and her husband went to Nassau where all the pirates hung out. Anne there met and started a relationship with Jack Rackham, and had a child with him. She abandoned the child, divorced her husband and set about being a ‘proper’ pirate. She was friends with Mary Read, and they were captured together with Rackham after stealing a ship together (The men were all drunk and Mary and Anne were the only ones to put up a fight) they were all sentenced to hang. (Anne’s last words to her lover were, had you fought like a man, you needn’t be hang’d like a dog)  The women got off by claiming pregnancy, but Mary died of a fever, and Anne escaped, possibly with the connivance of her father, and lived to a ripe and respectable old age.