The Historical Birthday-Tea Party March 8th

International Women’s Day, and I have three birthday girls to choose from. So I’m going with the oldest, and we can catch up with the others later.

Anne Bonny, 8 March 1702 – 22 April 1782 born in Ireland, emigrated to America at a young age, where her father did very well for himself. Anne was a tear away, hotheaded, handy with a knife and married a small-time pirate. her father disowned her, and she and her husband went to Nassau where all the pirates hung out. Anne there met and started a relationship with Jack Rackham, and had a child with him. She abandoned the child, divorced her husband and set about being a ‘proper’ pirate. She was friends with Mary Read, and they were captured together with Rackham after stealing a ship together (The men were all drunk and Mary and Anne were the only ones to put up a fight) they were all sentenced to hang. (Anne’s last words to her lover were, had you fought like a man, you needn’t be hang’d like a dog)  The women got off by claiming pregnancy, but Mary died of a fever, and Anne escaped, possibly with the connivance of her father, and lived to a ripe and respectable old age.

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