Sing for Water final preparations

Tenors & Altos copyright Cherry Potts 2011

It’s been a manic couple of days, we drove home from holiday yesterday, had showers and went out again, to North London for a final Raise the Roof rehearsal for Sing for Water.  Mel hosted a tight squeeze in her flat, and everyone brought food and drink.  A boiling hot evening, all the windows open and we really felt we’d missed a trick not having a big banner and buckets on ropes to collect from passers-by!

Sopranos getting into the spirit of Mraval Zamier copyright Cherry Potts 2011

It was very noticeable that Mraval Zamier that went better with a glass of wine in the hand and another in the belly.

The thing about Sing for Water (as opposed to wine) is that it raises money for WaterAid: more children die from drinking bad water than from any other cause; and just £15 can give a child clean water, not just for a while but long-term.

Mostly basses copyright Cherry Potts 2011

Having sung last night we were at it again this afternoon, this time in Vauxhall, with the rest of the choirs who will be singing on Sunday (2pm, the Scoop, next to City Hall – nearest station London Bridge – it’s free, you know you want to be there!)  Or at least, some of them. Disconcertingly, we were told that only about half of us were there (and there were loads of us), and that there are children’s choirs involved this year too.

There are choirs from Ireland, Wales, Yorkshire, Bristol, Dorset, Manchester, Brighton, Somerset, North London and many, many like us, from South London… If I missed anyone I apologise, I wasn’t taking notes.  We met several people we know, but didn’t know were in choirs.

The organisers Roxanne and Michael were in fine form and had us singing very quickly, sometimes with both of them conducting when the song had radically different patterns for the low and high voices and the three-hour rehearsal flew by,complete with a guest conducting by Stephen of the Spooky Men’s Chorale for Mraval Zamier.  Mel volunteered to sing the lead in call, as the assembled horde had been asked for an ‘Epic Tenor’ to step forward: Stephen wanted a man, and cross questioned her on the epic-ness of her voice, he wasn’t in doubt for long!

Tomorrow we have to be at City Hall for 8.00 to get through the security checks, rehearse from 9.30-11.30 then kick off singing at 2pm.

you can sponsor us for Sing for Water here:

it’s not too late!

copyright Cherry Potts 2011

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