BBC short story cuts

I’ll admit to an ambition shall I? I’d really like one of my short stories read on BBC Radio 4.
What’s more I’d like it read by Emma Thompson.

How likely is that?

Not very, perhaps, but the chances are decreasing since the Beeb decided to cut its output of readings.

Of course they do say that if you write down your intentions, and get really precise, they are more likely to happen, and that if you tell someone else, it improves your chances even more.

Ok!  So, ignoring completely the fact that the reading slots are usually 15 minutes long which means only something of around 2500 words is going to get a look in:

I would like

  • Emma Thompson to read my story Flight, (far too long, far too long!)
  • on a Sunday afternoon when people are actually listening
  • on radio 4
  • within the next 12 months.

Is that detailed enough?


In that case:

  • I want her to read it passionately and with conviction,
  • I want it to be chosen for Pick of the Week.
  • I want people to sit in their cars outside their homes unable to drag themselves away, even though they’ve been there 5 minutes already, because we haven’t finished yet.  (As A & I did when Carol Ann Duffy’s Rapture was read on the radio)
  • I want an all time record for the number of listen again connections on-line
  • I want it to be showcased in the Radio Times
  • I want to be paid double the standard fee because the Beeb are so impressed

I want…

I want you to sign the PETITION!!! ….please!  Help a girl to dream…
Copyright Cherry Potts 2011

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