The Historical Birthday-Tea party 2nd January

The second in my celebrations of women from history who stuck up for themselves and each other, and this one rather more likely to be a lesbian than dear Maria E.

M. Carey Thomas, born 2nd January 1857 in th USA, prefered to be known as Carey rather than her given name of Martha (another useful signifier), fought all her life (to a large extent against her father) to get a decent education, something she achieved with flying colours by eventually getting a degree summa cum laude from Zürich university, one of the few places willing to award a degree to a woman at the time.

Carey stated publicly that she thought many woman need not marry, and that those who did should be able to carry on their careers. She took her education to the newly opened Bryn Mawr, which she ended up running.

Importantly for this project, Carey  lived with two other women:
Mary (Mamie) Gwinn lived with Carey in Europe and until her marriage in 1904, and later  Mary Garrett shared a house with Carey, and left her money to Carey on her death in 1915.

Carey would probably not get an invitation to tea, since she was into eugenics and immigration control, but a small coffee and a buttered bun in a suitable cafe close to a library would probably be acceptable. We could always talk about something safe, like education.

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