The Historical Birthday-Tea Party 13th January

Today’s birthday girl is the ‘Last of the Red Hot Mamas’ – Sophie Tucker 1884-1966

A Vaudeville and Broadway star of her time, who started out (not her idea) blacked up, Sophie ‘came out’ as a nice jewish girl when her makeup box was stolen on the way to a gig. The audience was delighted and so was she.

Sophie sang joyfully about being a fat girl who loved to be loved, not taking nonsense from men, and was raunchy, outrageous and fun. She had quite a voice too, landing a $1000 recording deal with Edison.

Any party Sophie was invited to would need to have cocktails I suspect. I have a cocktail shaker somewhere – haven’t used it since… well, a loooong time. I can do a G&T by eye, who needs a shaker? Come on over Sophie, let’s let our back hair down and have a good laugh.

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