The Historical Birthday-Tea Party 15th January

Today we are lighting the candles on the cake for author Mazo de la Roche, born Louise Roche in 1879 in Canada.

Mazo was the author of the Jalna novels, and said that the (male) character Finch was based on herself.

She lived with Caroline Clement for 75 years. Caroline was an orphaned cousin adopted by Mazo’s parents when Mazo was seven. They adopting two children together. There is some conjecture that Caroline collaborated on the books.

Mazo seems to have been very private so she might not want to come to a party, but the invitation might please her nonetheless.


Author: Cherry Potts

Cherry Potts is a published fiction writer, publisher, event organiser, photographer, cardmaker, NLP master practitioner, life coach and trainer. She is an enthusiastic singer. Through Arachne Press she publishes fiction and non fiction and runs spoken word events and cross-arts workshops for writers at interesting venues. Always interested in new opportunites to perform, write or explore writing.

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