The Historical Birthday-Tea Party 16th January

So did you notice I didn’t post anything yesterday? I was exhausted after the Story Sessions on Wednesday, and slept through my time for posting.

So to make up for it, here is  Edith Cooper 1862-1913. Her birthday is actually the 12th but I hadn’t found that out until too late to post her birthday card until now.

Edith was one half of  poet and playwright Michael Field with her aunt Katherine Bradley (27 October), sixteen years her senior. They were acknowledged to be in a romantic relationship and lived together for forty years, writing together at all times, even journals, and died within nine months of each other. This makes it impossible to figure out whether it was Edith or Katherine who wrote the following:

A Girl,
     Her soul a deep-wave pearl
Dim, lucent of all lovely mysteries;
     A face flowered for heart’s ease,
     A brow’s grace soft as seas
     Seen through faint forest-trees:
     A mouth, the lips apart,
Like aspen-leaflets trembling in the breeze
     From her tempestuous heart.
     Such: and our souls so knit,
     I leave a page half-writ —
           The work begun
Will be to heaven’s conception done,
           If she come to it.

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