The Historical Birthday-Tea Party 19th January

Sorry this is a bit late, I’ve been putting in new skirtingboard  in the kitchen in preparation for the new flooring. The kitchen is already warmer – no gaps between wall and floor for draughts.

janisAnyway, back to the party. There are still two birthday girls left for today, after yesterday’s early aperitif, but let’s go with Janis Joplin, January 19, 1943 – October 4, 1970 wild child, singer and rebel. Mind you, you have to remember what she was rebelling against:

After they see me, when their mothers are feeding them all that cashmere sweater and girdle —– [expletive deleted by the New York Times], maybe they’ll have a second thought – that they can be themselves and win.

The sixties were not all free love and flower power, some women were still doing what their mothers told them: Janis wasn’t going to be told what to do by anyone. Unfortunately that meant a heck of a lot of drugs and an early death.  Janis would sleep with anyone with a pulse, and that included women. She had a brief relationship with Jae Whittaker.

Janis could really sing, and was a full on uncompromising kind of woman, Tiring to be around I imagine. So Janis can come to the party if she wants, but I think she won’t want. She’ll be out of her skull on something and ranting on, and forget she was invited, or think our polite little festivities are far too square, man.

Hey ho: win some, lose some. Happy birthday anyway, Janis.

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