The Historical Birthday-Tea Party 28th January

Here’s a woman not afraid to call a spade a bleeding shovel. Born in 1695, Anne Stainton went to Virginia (famous as a hunting ground for women in search of a husband) with her sister who was married to William Gooch, the colonial governor. She described herself as

Two and thirty  years of Age, Ugly and Poor

Her brother-in-law said she was

cocky …openly declares she will never marry, this I imagine is rather her pride than her earnest, she constantly adding “I did not come here for a husband. I might have been married in England.”

Nor did she marry, despite women being at a premium in the colonies.

I find myself thinking she might have started a pressure group called Spinsters’ Lib.


Author: Cherry Potts

Cherry Potts is a published fiction writer, publisher, event organiser, photographer, cardmaker, NLP master practitioner, life coach and trainer. She is an enthusiastic singer. Through Arachne Press she publishes fiction and non fiction and runs spoken word events and cross-arts workshops for writers at interesting venues. Always interested in new opportunites to perform, write or explore writing.

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