The Historical Birthday-Tea Party 30th January

Anne Clifford, Countess of Dorset (1590 – 1676) by William Larkin

Today we celebrate Anne Clifford

30 January 1590 – 22 March 1676

I actually have a copy of her diary tucked away somewhere, but I haven’t yet got round to reading it. She had a bit of a tough time, her first husband  Richard Sackville Earl of Dorset forced her to entertain his mistress at their home, and threatened to take her child from her if she did not obey.

She has been tentatively identified as the true author of

A Chaine of Pearle, Or a Memoriall of the peerles Graces, and Heroick Vertues of Queene Elizabeth of Glorious Memory. Composed by the Noble Lady, Diana Primrose (London, 1630),

though based on what I don’t know.

She did come up with the most wonderfully ambiguous quotation:

I am like an Owl in the desert

Diary May 1616

I could read the diary and find the context, but I’m afraid to spoil it. She can definitely come to the party, provided she promises not to explain…

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