The Historical Birthday-Tea Party 16th February

Today we celebrate a much feted doyenne of the American stage, Katherine Cornell February 16, 1898 – June 9, 1974, known to her friends as Kit.

Kit had a long career on stage but made only one brief appearance (as herself) on film, and a few TV appearances. She was universally admired at the time although taking a look at her in Stage Door Canteen, her performance looks stilted and old-fashioned now, as of course, stage actors often do on film.

Kit was married for forty years to fellow actor Guthrie McLintic in what was accepted as a lavender marriage, and had relationships with Tallulah Bankhead, poet Mercedes de Acosta and lyricist and director Nancy Hamilton, who became her life-long partner, they worked together on The Unconquered, a documentary about Helen Keller.

Kit is welcome to the party especially if she brings all her friends…

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