The Historical Birthday-Tea Party 19th February

I am so behind with this project, I’ve been too busy performing and preparing, and editing video and so forth. However, she says, mopping sweat from brow, dusting flour form hands and straightening the metaphorical party dress; yes so, sorry, the 19th was Carson McCullers birthday.

I love Carson McCullers books, they are magnificently gloomy, and sexually ambiguous.

At the age of 23 Carson fell in (unreciprocated) love with Annemarie Schwarzenbach saying of her

She had a face that I knew would haunt me for the rest of my life

They managed to become friends and wrote to each other regularly for a long time. Carson dedicated  Reflections in a Golden Eye to her… She also married the same man twice, which really does the hope over experience thing in spades.

Carson is welcome to the party, I’m sure we can make room for her on the porch.



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