The Historical Birthday-Tea Party 24th February

No birthday for today, so guess where we are headed. Yep!

Eliza Fowler Haywood, born around 1693 died 25 February 1756, so it seems appropriate to give her a February party.
Eliza was an actress, and a prolific novelist, playwright, poet, translator and editor – and made quite a success of all of them. She wrote rather racy material, and often showed sympathy for ‘fallen’ women. This led to her writing being overlooked until relatively recently, as indelicate.

A few of her books have been made available for free via the excellent Project Gutenberg.

Criticks! be dumb tonight – no skill display;
A dangerous Woman-Poet wrote the Play:
One who not fears your fury, tho’ prevailing
More than your Match, in everything, but railing.
Give her fair quarter, and whenever she tries ye
Safe in superior spirit, she defies ye…

(Prologue, A Wife to be Let 1723)

It is enough – in knowing one, I knew the whole deceiving sex – Nor will I be a second time betray’d – I’ll hide me for ever from their Arts, their soothing Flattery, their subtle Insinuations – no more I’ll hear, or see or think of Man – the best is base…

(The Rash Resolve, 1724)

… the Avarice and Self interestedness, which is generally observed in those women who make Sale of their Beauty, is chiefly owing to men.

(The story of The Enchanted Well – Memoirs of a Certain Island Adjascent to the Kingdom of Utopia 1775)

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