The Historical Birthday-Tea Party March 6th

So no particular birthday today, and I am seriously running out of unidentified birthdays to play with. So as it’s world book day, let’s have a writer:

Mary Constance Du Bois, 1879-1959 author of ripping yarns for  girls such as The League of the Signet Ring, Eleanor Arden, Royalist and The Lass of the Silver Sword (nowhere near as much fun as it sounds), the sort of book with very bad wishy-washy black and white illustrations of sylph-like girls of the 1910’s in white dresses and hats; and simply peppered with exclamation marks!  An overwrought American Angela Brazil for the slightly older Gal. Such fun.

There is so little information on Ms Du Bois I suspect her of being a Nom de Plume. (she isn’t even consistent in the spelling of her surname from cover to title page) Certainly no idea when her birthday is, and she would undoubtedly only come to a party is sworn to secrecy! and given a map without the real name places on to follow!! and if she were allowed to eat simply lashings of the most terrific cakes!!!

However, calming myself slightly, she is very fond of girls being fond of girls.

You get the idea.

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