The Historical Birthday-Tea Party March 16th

rosa bonheurAnd today, let’s put on our glad rags and celebrate

Rosa Bonheur
March 16th 1822 – May 25, 1899

Oh my dear sir, if you knew how little I care for your sex you wouldn’t get any ideas in your head. the fact is, in the way of males, I like only the bulls I paint.

Rosa was an outspoken feminist and a famous painter and sculptor of animals and she earned a living as an artist, winning awards, and became notorious for smoking in public and wearing  trousers – for which she had to apply for a license using the excuse that she needed to visit slaughterhouses to study animal anatomy. (True, but convenient; and as we can see from the picture, the trews were not confined to the abattoir)
Rosa was the first woman to receive the Légion d’honneur.

She lived with Nathalie Micas and after Nathalie died, with Anna Klumpke, who  was also a painter.

Rosa can definitely come to the party, and perhaps she can be persuaded to sketch a quick portrait of Jules and Elton… but she’ll have to smoke in the garden like anyone else.

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