City Writes Mini Solstice Shorts

I will be reading The Midwinter Wife from Longest Night, at this term’s City Writes at Northampton Suite C, City University, Northampton Square EC1V 0HB on Thursday December 13th doors  6.30. the venue is quite a way from the entrance on Northampton square, so allow time to get up to it!

I will be joined by Katerina Watson, reading Threshold from Dusk, and singers Ian Kennedy & Sarah Lloyd who will be singing my only ever musical composition, Cold Time, also from Longest Night, in a miniature Solstice Shorts Festival. I may also be talking about my writing, and about running Arachne Press.

There will also be readings from the winner’s of this term’s City Writes short story contest.

Tickets can only be bought in advance and are £10

THIS year’s Solstice Shorts Festival, 21st December, is Noon, and will start at noon, in six venues in Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Carlisle, Ynys Mon, London and Cork! We are crowd funding for the next 9 days, if you’d like to support it.

2 thoughts on “City Writes Mini Solstice Shorts

  1. Although I am a Londoner born and bred, I haven t been to Greenwich since I was a child. My great aunt lived in Lewisham and she and my nan used to take me to Greenwich regularly. I live in Norfolk now and only occasionally manage to get down to visit my daughter in Clapham. I would love to attend Solstice Shorts but can t afford the train fare at the moment. Will you be posting photos and videos of the event?

    • Hello! Thanks for your interest. Yes we are videoing the whole event at all 6 sites, and the Greenwich edition will be livestreamed to the Solstice Shorts Facebook page . Recorded video will be posted here on Arachne Press website as soon as I can manage it.

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