The ACTUAL Birthday-Tea Party 14th February

Ok, a break from the history (nobody available anyway) and a big sloppy birthday kiss for my best girl for the last 30 plus years, Alix.

100-0031_IMGAlix is 72 today, and sharing her birthday with Mr Valentine makes going out for a meal unbelievably tedious, so that’s tomorrow. The Actual Tea Party is Sunday, the treat (visit to the opera – King Priam – brilliant) was yesterday.  So today is given over to telling the world how absolutely bloody marvellous she is, in case World has not been paying attention and hasn’t realised. Fortunately most people who meet her do realise what a gem she is, and I feel very lucky to share my life with her.

She is a tower of strength, a superb front woman when I’m feeling feeble, incredibly sensible, practical (with a small p – don’t ask her to wield a screwdriver!), energetic,  kind, loving, intelligent and generous.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAShe is also the loudest, funniest person I’ve ever met.

Alix will always get an invitation to the party, but she doesn’t need one, she is a party all on her own.

2 thoughts on “The ACTUAL Birthday-Tea Party 14th February

  1. Very Happy Birthday to you, Alix! All wot ‘er indoors sez about you is recognisabe and wonderful! Warmest wishes, Rita X

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