The Historical Birthday-Tea Party March 2nd

So it turns out I was mistaken about not having a birthday party booked for the 1st – my spreadsheet lied to me. So pretend Emilia was today, and

Mercedes de Acosta March 1, 1893 – May 9, 1968

was yesterday – I’ll switch them round later when you aren’t looking.

Mercedes  was a not particularly successful playwright and poet. She would likely be completely forgotten were it not for her love life, and her flamboyant and extravagant behavior.

Described by Cecil Beaton as the most rebellious & brazen of Lesbians, Mercedes boasted she could get a woman from any man.

Her lovers included Greta Garbo, Isadora Duncan, Eva Le Gallienne, Alla Nazimova and Marlene Dietrich. She seems  in each case to have fallen hook-line-and-sinker for the woman in question, and to sometimes have made something of a nuisance of herself.

She wrote an autobiography Here Lies the Heart, in which she wrote about all of her women friends, and although she was not explicit in her description of her relationships, neither Eva nor Greta ever forgave her for ‘outing’ them.

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